Interventions low-level

1. Locking someone out of their account or phone

2. Altering /etc/hosts to deny access to time consuming sites at a systems level

3. A cat-girl (or other character) pop-up that asks you to get off your phone

4. Making someone's cursor/pointer really slow

5. Closing windows as soon as you open them

6. Enabling Guided Access (in iOS settings) that locks the device to the phone app

7. A notification filter that learns from your behavior

8. A phone case that drains your phone faster as you use it but charges your phone while it is put away

9. Lecture hall seating that require you to plug in your phone to make the desk appear

10. Generate pop-ups on time consuming websites

11. An application that reminds you to look away from your computer every 20 minutes for 20 seconds

12. A phone garage for driving that locks your phone away but still lets you know when you have notifications

13. Requiring a phone to be placed face down in order to play music/audio

14. In a world with folding screens, a phone that is also your wallet (think bi-fold wallet); deters people from walking around with their wallet-phone in their hand (because that is just asking for theft)

15. A phone that sorts apps so that when you are busy/working, it hides fun apps (games/social media) and when you are home/relaxing, it hides work-related apps

16. An anti-screen campaign that mimics anti-drug/tobacco campaigns

17. Glasses that tone down the color of screens (or make it black and white) but keep the rest of the world colorful

18. A phone case that gets really hot the longer you are on your phone

19. A place/space to put phones when eating at a table (with friends)

20. Make phones come flat-packed and only work when they are put together (bulky); you would deconstruct it to put it away

21. People-safe color palette

22. The longer someone is on the computer, the more likely a NSFW picture pops up

23. Something (like an app) that encourages you to go outside

24. A physical TV blocker

25. Instead of a text based reminder to take a break, why not have some kind of acting force (motion) to imply "look over there"

26. Physical (12-hour analog) clock that tracks screen time (connect via bluetooth)

27. An object that gets you away from the screen every 20 minutes (a robot that screams & makes you chase it to make it stop aka small children)

28. An odometer (tracks distance in car) but for screens; more long term than a clock

29. A bracelet or watch band that tracks screen time; glows brighter & stronger color (red) with more screen time; harder to avoid than something like a clock

30. Gradually diminish the amount of screen someone has; only resets when you leave