Screens & Time

by Will Kuglen

I intend to restrict the intrusiveness of personal computing devices through a series of interventions and experiments that limit time spent on these devices.

Intervention - low level

Intervention - mid level

Intervention - high level


Technology messes with us, and in some cases, it controls us. The biggest way it controls us is through notifications and by taking advantage of our psychological weaknesses (by creating an addiction through things like gambling and gamification), bringing us back for more.

So what? Technology should be a tool. It can be a fun tool (games & communicating with friends) but it should not be a tool that dictates our lives. It should not be something that is hard to put down. It can be essential (a phone or GPS) but it should not be a sole focus.

We should not lose our time to it. After all, time is one of the most precious resources that we never have enough of, so why should we waste it in shallow digital worlds (the Internet, social media, etc.)?

What & How?

I am promising to create a discussion about the intrusiveness of devices in our lives. I will spark this conversation through a series of playful experiments. Previous solutions have mainly solved this problem in two ways: 1) something external that is suggestive and not forceful and 2) removing functionality. While I will explore these methods, I will look into and design solutions and interventions through different avenues.