Intervention mid-level 03
Color Reducer

A combined experiment of low #17 (Glasses that tone down the color of screens but keep the rest of the world colorful) & low #21 (People-safe color palette).

With this experiment, I took two approaches: a mathematical reduction and a filter. The mathematical reduction can either be 75% of an RGB value or 75% of the saturation in an HSL value. The filter can either be a 50% opacity layer of black on top of the image or 50% reduction of saturation and contrast.
Other iterations: 17 21

Mathematical Reduction

RGB Red, 75% of RGB Red, 75% saturation of Red.
RGB Green, 75% of RGB Green, 75% saturation of Green.
RGB Blue, 75% of RGB Blue, 75% saturation of Blue.

Color Filter

No filter 50% opacity layer of black on top of the image 50% Saturation and Contrast filter
The original image, 50% opacity layer of black on top of the image, 50% saturation and contrast filter.

Why it was selected

I created a poll asking people about which of my low-fidelity interventions they liked the most. #17 (Glasses that tone down the color of screens) was popular and I decided to combine it with #21 (People-safe color palette). I also chose to combine the two because a solution like #17 already existed.


Initially, I had only gotten feedback on the color filters. However, the filters alone felt like they were lacking and I was more interested in an algorithmic solution which led me to the mathematical reductions.